Beaded Mask - Water Woman

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Product by the ethnic indigenous groups Siona, Inga & Kamentzá,  Colombian territory:
This groups live along the Colombian South West land. 
Their unique language development is still unknown. Close related to the Incas (Peru), their communities hold intangible ancestral value in which they honor the relationship of mankind to nature.
Their Artisanal products are the representation of their soul journey presented to them in imagery forms of mythical and godly creatures through their sacred ceremonies as an avenue to represent and express emotions and wholeness in factions that can depict elements like Rainbow, Water, Sun or Happiness, Sorrow, etc..
Their products intend to stimulate feelings of grounding, creative flow, life purpose, protection, etc... 
Beads positioned individually, each item of this size can take up to 3 months of craftsmanship*


Width: 1.96 in / 5 cm aprox 

Height: 6.81 in / 17.3 cm aprox 

Length: 4.48 in / 11.4 cm aprox 

Weight:  144 gr aprox; per unit 

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*