"OKAMA" Beaded Necklace

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"OKAMA" Beaded Necklace

Native meaning:

"OKAMA": Journey that travels around the Neck. (Round shaped, traditionally used by women) 

Product by the ethnic indigenous group Embera-Chami, Colombian territory:

Emberas live along the Colombian Andean land, spreading themselves into 5  main communities.

Today they are most known for their handcrafted products such as clothing and accessories, imprinting spiritual traditions and knowledge utilizing materials and accents that can include plastic beads & fiber glass to name a few in vibrate eye catching colors.

Such items are the result of oral tradition with intrinsicate designs and meanings depending on color palettes and geometrical arrangements. Necklaces are created for special events such as marriages, births, festivities and even funerals.

Within their uses you can find Protection, Grounding, Symbolize community service and Status, etc...   

Beads threaded individually, each item this size may take up to 1 month to complete*


Width:  in /  cm aprox 

Height:  in / cm aprox 

Length:  in /  cm aprox 

Weight:   140gr aprox; per unit 

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*