Embera Chamí

Beaded Jewelry

A Tribe's Story of Ancestry and Survival

Andinas Coffee

Specialty Colombian Coffee
Low Acidity & Fair Trade

Beyond Organic, Clean Coffee the way Nature Intended.

Guacamayas Boyacá

Colombian Patrimony
Natural Fiber Basketry

A Town Weaving Pre Colonial Indigenous Legacy

Inga Kamentsa

Shamanic Tribe
Yagé inspired Spiritual Tools

Beaded Masks, Ceremonial Wear & instruments.

More than Fair Trade

Giving back to the Indigenous Tribes, Artisan Communities & Farmers of Colombia one sale at the time. Our sales contribute to Empowerment Projects, Ecosystem Restoration & Documentary production. #Sustainableliving #ConsciousShopping


Native Colombian Shamanic Jewelry

Spiritual Protection Beadwork, Ceremonial Wear, Grounding, Psyche Enhacement, Energetic Balance.

Guacamayas Natural Fiber Basketry

Declared Colombia's Patrimony, Embeded in the Munains of Boyacá 400 weavers are keeping alive the Lache Tribe Precolonial Basketry Tradition.

Native Colombian Shamanic Art

Beaded Masks, Ceremonial Wear, Shamanic Instruments, Hapé Aplicators & Spiritual Protection Beadwork.

Native Colombian Shamanic Tools

Crafted by the most experienced Artisans, Medicine Men & Women of the Inga Kamenta Tribe. A selection of Raddles, Medicine Belts, Tepis & Kuripes to aid during your spiritual path.

Together we create a better future

Documentary Series

This is the first of our Docuementaries dedicated to building an audiovisual record of the Native & Artisan traditions for everyone to access. Proceedings of our driven sales have made this possible. To all of you who have voted with their dollar, THANK YOU!

2022 Teaser

Introduction to the Embera Chamí

The "Hands Behind the Craft", a direct collaboration with the Kurmado reserve, Risaralda Colombia.

From the people
From the people
The items I have from Hand by Craft are all of very high quality and ethically sourced. I have purchased multiple different types of coffee, all of which have been delicious. I recently received earrings and a bracelet as a gift and both products are beautiful and are well made. The owners, Natalia and Josh, truly believe in their business and are doing great things for the indigenous community in Colombia.
— Meagan Hanifee
From the people
I absolutely love their amazing coffee. It tastes so fresh and full of flavor. I can't wait to make my coffee in the mornings. The anticipation of drinking this delicious aromatic coffee with cream makes me so happy. You can tell by the taste that it is made with passion, love and care. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much for such an amazing product!!
— Victoria Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do products come with Descriptions?

Yes, each product includes a detailed descrition card of the creating Tribe / Artisan & Photograph of the community.

How long Coffee stays fresh for?

Coffee is best consumed within the first 8 months and preserves most of its aromas and flavor up to one year.

Generally speaking Coffee does not go "bad" but starts an oxidation process after is roasted, meaning it slowly loses overtime aromatic and flavors notes.

Do you ship Internationally?

Currently we are ONLY able to ship to the United States territory.