Andinas Colombian Coffee Premium Quality: GOLDEN

By Andinas

Golden coffee is considered a premium coffee due to its double processing, it goes through the same process as a Yellow Honey; The coffee cherries are picked mature and ripe, then they get selected and inspected for production. 

At Andinas Coffee the cherry skin is removed shortly after picking the fruit usually after 8 to 12 hours of the harvesting, just like in Honey processing 100% of the fruit mucilage is kept on the seeds. The main difference of producing Golden Coffee is the fermentation phase.

Unlike any other process Golden Coffees at this point are transported to the aging area & kept inside Oak barrels up to 4 months before being disturbed or even dried. During this phase, the coffee is fermenting and developing or even dried. During this phase, the coffee is fermenting and developing exquisite flavors and aromas + acquiring the unique liquorish characteristics of a Golden process that are the product of the pectin and sugars turning into alcohols inside the sealed wood barrels which combined create the flavor compounds that are exclusive to a Golden profile. After the months of aging have passed, the coffee is inspected and tested for quality assurance. 

Once the beans have passed the rigorous tests the drying phase may begin, drying periods depend on both weather and the individual style of Golden process determined by by the producer, normally the 11% moisture required for production is achieved after 21 one days of drying. 

This is a key stage for golden coffee production, constant attention is imperative to the process, and the staff is required to spread a thin layer of the beans on African beds for fast even drying. Rotation and manual inspection are crucial to give Golden coffee its premium notes. 

Golden Coffee has a very delicate flavor and its flavor notes are resembling of chocolate, grapes, ripe peaches, plums and cocoa liqueur, along with a silky smooth body. A clear example of intentional, experimental & innovative processing methodology, having a much lighter ecological impact while elevating the profile of micro lots and specialty techniques.