Andinas Ceremonial Grade Coffee Tasting Collection

Ships December 16, 2022
By Andinas
Over the course of 8 years Andinas Coffee has been growing an ambitious idea, returning artisanal coffee production to its original roots by honoring the two most important aspects of humanity: "Giving back to the Earth" &
"Giving back to the people". To accomplish this they implemented both permacultural and biodynamic principles in order to rebuild an ecosystem that returns nutrients back to the soil, fostering the natural processes of nature while creating a positive
environment for workers to thrive, Andinas Coffee recognizes the undeniable value of the Human Aspect in the chain of artisanal coffee manufacturing.
Andinas innovative approach is in complete alignment with Hand by Cratf's forward mission, as a result we have put together this incredible Ceremonial Grade Tasting Collection that contains a full line of Specialty High Vibrational Coffee, grown in symbiosis & harmoniously with nature. This coffee honors the ways of the ancestors who left their mark in the lands of this farm that stands high up in peaks of the Andes MountainRange of Colombia at an altitude between 6,000 and 8,000 ft above sea level.
Delight your senses and experience coffee like never before. 

Included in this collection  

Four Presentations 
~8 Oz of Gourmet~
~8Oz of Honey~
~8 Oz of Golden~
~8 Oz of Natural~ 

2 Total pounds of Coffee