About Us

"Hand by Craft" is the magnum opus of two awakened souls, two common individuals of today’s era who are combining their minds & embarking on a quest, a story of awakening, transformation, magic, adventure, discovery & courage, a journey full of dormant secrets waiting to be told and rediscovered.

"Hand by Craft" is an umbrella enterprise that aspires to transform a New York 15 acre family owned farm into a local sanctuary where Man & Nature work in balance, by applying principles of Biodynamics, Astrology and Permaculture. As we expand in this areas we will also give back to the community in forms of non GMO, Organically Grown Affordable produce, offer one on one learning experiences for Natural Farming, Seed & Food preservation + Artisanal Techniques.

To fuel this project and materialize this ambitious plan "Hand by Craft" Commercializes authentic High Peak Artisanal Colombian Coffee, hand made one of a kind crafts created by the Indigenous Cultures of Colombia, and various Seeds; all while keeping you up to date on the vision with the production of audiovisual material including the "Creative Series" Youtube channel.

By becoming involved you are helping us to co-create a positive legacy for the local and global communities.

Welcome on Board!

Josh & Natalia