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Natalia & Josh

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About Us

We are Josh and Natalia, a couple committed to the preservation of ancestral and traditional knowledge.

We found our life mission in 2018 during a visit to Colombia, Natalia's homeland, we felt inspired to create a project that connects the land of the Condor with the USA the Eagle nation, Josh's home land.

Hand by Craft's vision is to act as a connecting bridge from the people for the people, allowing natives and traditional artisans to have a voice and reach far territories by facilitating technology, legal and language barriers, showing an example of fair trade and mutual benefit for the local and foreign communities, crediting the artist fully & sharing with the public the stories of the "Hands behind the Craft" in an effort to inspire young generations to learn from their elders and return to their roots.

The commercialization of Artisan and Native products fuels the local economies of the artists and contributes to bettering the quality of life of the communities through donation based efforts at the same time it finances the upcoming Documentaries that will be able to showcase the processes of creation behind each item.

Generated sales aid in the revival and preservation of ethnic languages, myths, legends, traditional story telling and history of the creating communities, allowing us to build an accessible record for future generations.

Join us in this journey of discovery and become part of this adventure!