Originally wrote 3-22-20
The mind of man is but a seed about to enter Spring.  Consciousness has gone through thousands of years of wintering.  And now like a seed about to root in the cold dark earth.  The mind is getting prepared to push up to the light.  Whether the seed is self-aware of what it is doing or not is not apparent.  Never the less it is going through cycles (it is the law of nature).  On the outside we are beginning to witness and see past the illusions that have been programmed into the subconscious minds of the masses.  The isolation we are being forced into is but the necessary watering of the seed.  The seeds energy must turn inward to expand. 
As Natalia and I drove around and went to the park.  We witnessed neighbors communicating, kids playing outside again with smiles on faces.  The necessary changes for human consciousness are taking hold on the micro level, this will reflect and mirror out to the macro level.  The best way past resistance is through it.  The seed teaches me this.  It has only 2 options, to remain what it is and go back into the earth.  Or to evolve, push through the darkness and hardship, with faith it will reach the light.  Wonders and evolution of all beings on earth are coming, including the evolution of Mother-Earth.  As our current systems of materialization deconstructs, the earth is beginning to heal it's water's, air's, and soil's.  People will begin to see the cause and effects of our way of life.   This will reflect into the way we all act.  The healing is also occurring within each and every one of us.  This is the spring time of the seed, the fire within us becomes nuclear and explodes inward.  The roots expand down into the darkness of the earth and the equal reflection happens.  The sprouts shoot upwards to the heavens, towards the light in blind faith.  A incredible transformation takes place, a transformation completely outside of the seeds scope of reality occurs, it becomes the unknown........... a sprout.  
January 09, 2021 — Joshua M


james said:

seeds deeds merit faith truth virtue deeply softly planted rooted visiond healing light all start with truth faith heart beats visions healings change stepping stones becoming that true beautiful self

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