Small Batch Coffee
Exquisite Colombian

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Organically Grown Colombian Coffee

Single Origin - Low Acid - Fair Trade

Coffee + Cacao
Espresso Bites

Oak Barrel Aged Coffee - 75% Dark Chocolate


Direct Farmer Trade

Single Origin Farm - Roasted at Farm Level

Manually Harvested - Dried Under Full Sun

Certified by Licensed Q-Grader 84points and Above for Specialty Processes

No Chemical Run Off

No Pesticides - Non Acidic Soil

No Middle men involved from the Farm to You

Family Owned Top farm on the Andes Ridge

Grown at 6,000ft Above Sea Level

Permaculture Grown

Protected by Native Shading Plants

Harnessing Better Nutrients from the Virgin Forest

Preserving the Native Ecosystem Fauna and Flora of the Andes Mountains

"Height Ritual"

Andinas Coffee

Permaculture Grown Colombian Coffee


Andinas Coffee

Cultivated in the Andean Ridge Mountains of South America, in the historical town ofZapatoca, Santander, Colombia. Known worldwide as the"Silk Climate City"at an altitude over6,000ft.Hand by Craft is proud to create an alliance with Andinas Coffee and introduce to the U.S, the Craftsmanship & and Exclusive Experience, Fine taste and complex Aromas of the most Iconically grown Colombian Coffee. 


- Small Batch Grown - Non industrially Produced -Grown in Virgin Mountain Territory - Shade Grown in symbiotic relationship with local vegetation - Support Local Artisan Farmers -