It has been a little while since we were able to connect and share a few insights of our internal projects this year. Finally we are getting through the peak of the summer season here in the North East region and we have so much to share with you. I would like to welcome anyone new who has discovered us recently and to greet everyone who has been following our journey closely.

As some of you are aware, here at Hand by Craft we do a lot more than just sales and from our start in 2021 to 2022 we have hit a couple of milestones so let's begin!
Hand by Craft Founders, Natalia & Josh, sharing news with the Embera Chami Community.

Thanks to the generous support of the local community throughout 2021 we were able to do our first "GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY" during the month of November. We were able to equip the reserve's classroom with a full endowment of 30 desks and chairs. 
We saw this opportunity from our video communications. During one instance we were given a little tour of the reserve and noticed the learning school with bare chairs, so we asked: "how do the children write without a table?" the response was rather simple "well.. the children will kneel and flip their chairs facing the chalkboard to take their notes." Embera Chami Children, Kurmado Reserve, Colombia, Hand by Craft
Original photo of classroom Kurmado Reserve. 

Our hearts dropped and immediately we started to formulate a plan. After many calls we were struck with luck and found a local school in Bogota DC, Colombia who was selling unused hardware and goods. It took us some time to figure out all the logistics mainly because we were coordinating everything from the US and also because the desks needed to travel about 212 miles from the capital city to its final destination, but with the help of a few friends and goodhearted individuals  we managed to coordinate the delivery to the reserve.

Traveling distance of desks from Bogota DC to Pereira, Risaralda 
 The inhabitants of the reserve were happy and full of joy. Little did we know our offering idea kept on growing. Out of the kindness of his heart the main authority Mr. Francisco Nacavera in agreement with the Kurmado community gave us his permission to also document the delivery of the supplies and opened the doors of his land for all our clients and world to see their way of living. 

Kurmado community, embera chami, hand by craft

Invitation to Documentary production by reserve Authority + Members


With just 8 months trading business in the USA we felt both nervous and excited about this new venture, many questions arose in our minds knowing that only Josh & I are the force behind this project. So, we worked around the clock figuring out how to accomplish this production while managing the regular aspects of operation here in the US. Again universal law came into place. We surrendered to the unknown and with the firm determination of creating our first collaborative documentary; Destiny sent our way the crew to take upon the challenge. 

 Meet Jhonatan & David, the adventurous ones who joined the cause. 


We traced the main focus of this beautiful opportunity of seeing from the inside out the daily life of the Emberas and with great respect we decided to focus on the introduction to their lifestyle rather than showcasing our present to the reserve. Here is the final result!!!
Now, several months later I finally felt the call to share with you the full story & photo archive of this initial offering.

arrival of offering to kurmado to pereira ra colombia

Arrival of School Desks to Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia.


transport of desks to kurmado reserve

Transport of desks to Kurmado Reserve.


Original Chairs + Offering of New Supplies in the Reserve. 
End of School Year and graduation of Kurmado's Students! 

Thank you again to all of our clients who deposited their trust in us. YOU matter, your Dollar matters, to the Kurmado reserve and its 165 inhabitants, thank you for your contributions. United we create the world we want to live in. 
Our life mission doesn’t stop there, this year we have also taken our offerings to the next level, stay tunned for a 2022 update!
Much Love!
-Cosmic Coven-
August 10, 2022 — Cosmic Coven

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