Hands Behind The Craft

An Introduction to the Embera Chami



Welcome to Hand by craft's first short documentary. This is the first of our series dedicated to building an audiovisual record of each one of the Native & Artisan traditions for everyone to access. Proceedings of our driven sales have made "giving Back" to the communities and the "Creation of this Content" possible. To all of you who have supported our journey in one way or another THANK YOU!

Your Dollar matters, together we are building the new future. We are but a connecting bridge between the Eagle & Condor Nations, messengers of a different land returning to each-other's consciousness. As a method of preserving traditional wisdom and knowledge, we invite you to view Hand by Craft's first production, "Hands Behind the Craft - Embera Chami".

"Greeting you all and thanking all of the people who have supported us. We hope to continue to remain and strengthen our culture, our art, with dignity and respect. That is it, the message I want to give so we can all live in peace and harmony."

-Francisco Nacavera Main Authority

"Entonces saludarlos y saludarlas y agradecerles por las personas que nos han apoyado y esperamos pues estar aquí perviviendo y fortaleciendo nuestra cultura, nuestro arte, con respeto con dignidad. Entonces es eso, lo que quiero dar ese mensaje y que todos vivamos en paz , en armonía."

-Francisco Nacavera Autoridad Mayor

This is a production of Handbycraft.com in collaboration with Kurmado Reserve, Marsella, Pereira, Colombia; If you would like to support more videos like this or support the Embera Chami in the rebuilding of their community, find their collection on our site. 

Many Thanks from the Hand by Craft team.