Hand by Craft in the physical at Emporium Square Middletown New York.


In order for something new to grow and birth life, the process of death must occur. We see these truths in nature all around. For example, typically when we hear of a forest fire our initial response is in shock-n-awe and a sense of emptyness for what has been lost. But given time and patience we come to the realization, those ashes left on the once forested floor are the necessary nutrients for new life to emerge. These fires are here to challenge us and often create some of the richest soils.  When new life takes hold, it is often a marvelous fantasia of ecstatic growth.

Unknown to many, before the Spanish conquistadors set foot on North American land, setting controlled fires in the forest was common place to many Native American tribes, especially in the land we now call California. They knew by setting these controlled fires the land would become richer.  There are many reports of the Spanish saying much of California once looked like a huge well maintained garden. The natives worked with the cycles of life and death to renew the land and bring forth a grander harvest all while preserving what Mother Earth has bestowed to us all.

In relation, our structure of society over the past year has experienced the fire. All of us in our own way have felt it's heat. If there is one thing we can take from the wisdom of Native Americans, it is that NOW, when the soil is at it’s richest point, is the time to sow our seeds. The seeds we all choose to plant today will birth the world we have tomorrow. I leave you with this final question; what will you be giving birth to when the rain comes?
This past weekend Hand by Craft opened its first brick and mortar store front inside the Artisans Market of Emporium Square, located in Middletown New York.  It was incredible to meet so many people rising up through the ashes, standing tall and betting on themselves to bring forth their personal dreams.  The sense of community inside of Emporium is unlike anything I have previously been accustomed to within the retail space.  We truly had the warmest of greetings and welcoming not only from the customers of Emporium but Artisans/ Vendors also.  In the coming months we look forward to meeting and building relationships with everyone.  Truly a space where everyone wants to see each other succeed.
 “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  
Thank you to all who stopped by to smell, taste, and see what we at Hand by Craft have to offer; and a special thanks to Orlando and Barbra for the platform and environment currently being curated at Emporium Square.
March 08, 2021 — Joshua M

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