Hand by Craft. Tail of truth and lie. Story time
Grandfather fire could you tell us a story? Inviting as always its kind spirit whispered “yes, listen closely, the story I will tell you is as old as the world, yet it gets forgotten and remembered with each turn of the ages.  The story I will tell you may set fire to the ideals you’ve come to know in a world you were born to trust. The story I’ll tell you is about a pair of twins, bonded by blood but still so different, their names: Truth & Lie”
The twins were easy to tell apart because the truth was always pristine adorned in elaborated jewels & beautiful robes, Lie was far more careless and getting prepared before an appearance to her did not make sense.
One day may years ago the twins wondered alone in the Eden, it was a hot day and both exhausted by the heat took rest under the shade of the Grandmother Tree, who witnessed the scene.  Parched, Lie convinced Truth to take a swim in the clear mirror like pool of water with her, Truth questioned if she should or should not trust Lie.  Trust is Truth’s nature, both twins sheltered by Grandmother tree exposed their naked bodies to the world.
Truth dove in first feeling the coolness of the gentle waters that caressed her skin, it was as if the water refreshed her sprit, full of joy and carried by the crystalline mirror like water, Truth forgot of Lie’s presence and after rising back to the surface started to call her name “Lie!, Lie!, are you there?”; not a sound was heard.
Truth quickly realized the polarity of her twin’s nature could not be changed and Lie was already making her way back to the village wearing her clothes, as always, Lie seemed to be faster,more cunning, more inventive, and better at hiding, almost as if Truth could not catch up. After a while, Truth, out-of-breath, stopped chasing Lie.  Truth then asked for help to the villagers around her, just to find out the world that once admired her, looked back at her full of fear and disgust as if they could no long tell each sister apart.
Since then, Lie Roams the earth adorned in stolen beauty while Truth promised herself to remain Naked and Proud, pure in essence. Truth took residence in the depths of the clear, water were anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can understand.
March 27, 2021 — Cosmic Coven
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james said:

As a Twin who departed at birth my star sky universal brother joesph sends me daily visions vibes channels pathways conduits where there is Truth visions then appear in a flash

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