Who is Hand by Craft? You may ask, well... let me take you on a journey. 

Hand by Craft is a life legacy project that has been brewing since 2011. 

At the age of 21 my mind became fascinated with the fact that the revolution of the small things could and will change the world. Let me explain... Like many of you nowadays I found myself lost and confused, I was beaten by the responsibilities of the day to day living, trapped in the new motions of being a young adult, living on autopilot for a check, looking separately to the world around me with no fulfillment in spirit. 

After months of searching for answers and trying "new" things to distract myself from the emptiness I was feeling, one night I had a revelation. Little did I know this night would change me forever. That evening marked the beginning of my spiritual initiation.

Propelled by the downloads of information knocking at my door in the dreamworld, I was shaken awake to answer my soul’s call.

Before we go on, let me be clear. I'm not going to sell you some spiritual gimmick or any religious ideals or dogmas, but I will disclose to you how this chain of events unlocked hidden parts of my nature and developed a sequence of transformative milestones from the physical, to the mental and spiritual levels and how bits and chapters of this story could aid your own or someone you know currently growing / healing experience.

I remember vividly until today getting up as fast as I could and grabbing my drawing pad, it was probably the first time my hands drew some lines with the carbon pencil since I abandoned my home land of Colombia and moved to North America. Then without analyzing much into it,  I began to create a project, a way of living that would change the course of my life and the ones around me; and so the first sketches of Hand by Craft took shape.

Empowered by the courage of my own imagination, using the skills acquired in Design School, my Retail Management profession & of course my memory, the gears of my mind started spinning loosely and effortlessly.  I became the vessel to carry out the materialization of this project; who has to itself the signature of the universal creator.  

Compelled by our Human condition, Enchanted by the richness of diversity, discovery, biodiversity and my profound love for creative expression along with a dash of rage by the current unquestionable westernized life model I felt the need to restructure and overwrite an obsolete model and instead replace it with an inclusive all well rounded business approach, from the people for the people. 

I dreamed of a life project that made my spirit joyful of being alive and thankful to wake up each day. By stating this purpose, I had my initiation into what we know as shadow work, and from there I began to peel layers and layers of belief systems that no longer served me, with every new understanding came a purge, each more intense than the last until the vessel of my universal mind bloomed into healing. 

From there all pieces came together: Hand by Craft was to become an Energy Ship, a massive complex of diversity that hauls harmonious Chi Force while working at the personal, community, earth and multiverse levels. To operate like a well made watch all the pieces must be interconnected and what can connect us more than Nature?

Nature is the muse of the Gods who once walked amongst us, is the home of the Animal kingdom which we were called to be stewards of, Nature is the base of all societies that have risen on earth, is the home of our soul and the surface in which our wildest dreams and this journey we call life takes place, Nature indeed is greatest architect of all and from it I was to sprout this project. 

The Goal is to shape Hand by Craft into a physical sanctuary in the Hudson Valley, NY, USA that incorporates principles of permaculture, sacred geometry and astrology. The purpose is to serve as a center for learning, a retreat equipped with elaborate gardens for meditation, a location for cultural exchange & community gathering, a home base for preservation of ancient knowledge with capacity for holistic food production + native environment restoration.

Ambitious you may say, but great things do take time, now my 31 year old self can say this vision has become a great adventure. To materialize it all a handful of powerful forces have joined this quest, my lovely husband Josh with his incredible mind, Andinas Coffee a Colombian enterprise that utilizes artisanal processes of sustainable coffee production and the indigenous people of Colombia, Kamënsá, Embera Chamí & Kuna who are fair trading their delightful crafts allowing us to introduce them to the North American public.  

As we continue to grow I will keep you informed of the many stories we have encountered on this journey. From my mind to yours, welcome to Hand by Craft. 

.Cosmic Coven.

October 28, 2021 — Cosmic Coven
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james said:

THE sheer beauty of small things manifesting filtering spiraling circling inward outward a journey a decade with essence action deeds seeds merit self deeply rooted planted forever raindrops from above landing on the soul earth and plants

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