Beaded Anklet - Eye The Universe



The art of beading takes place along the Colombia territory and is a custom art expression that captures the imagery of the shamanic journeys of each tribe. The "painting" with beads or "Walkas" portraits geometrical forms, human & animal figures and themes of nature such as flowers, clouds, water, etc...

Protection & Guiding forces are attributed to the medicine jewelry making it particularly useful for energy grounding and acting as an amulet for the wearer.  It is said each piece "speaks" to the person meaning the colors and patterns selected have the purpose of aiding one's journey. 

Each individual piece is unique, varying in shape, patters and colors, carrying the energetic imprint of the ancestors who have come before us and is Hand by Craft’s effort to create an open channel to maintain the life of this craft and act as a portal  linking the Ancestral Tradition of the Native Colombian tribes showcasing with pride the crafts of our forbearers.

Width: 1.5 in /  4 cm aprox 

Length:  6 in / 16 cm aprox 

Weight: 16gr / aprox

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*