Beaded Earrings - Earth Alliance


"Embrace the Exquisite Beauty of Triagular Earrings: A Blend of Tradition and Contemporary Elegance!"

Indulge in the beauty of our stunning Embera Chami earrings, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern elegance. The intricate patterns adorning these earrings are a testament to the Embera people's rich cultural heritage, while the sleek triangular shape adds a touch of contemporary flair.

Wearing these earrings isn't just about fashion; it's about embracing sustainability and making a difference. By supporting these artisans, you contribute to a social impact that uplifts communities and promotes fair trade. These one-of-a-kind pieces empower Embera artisans to continue their craft and preserve their ancestral traditions. Step into the spotlight with an elegant and socially conscious look that sets you apart.



Width: 2.2in / 5cm aprox

 Length: 3.5in / 9cm aprox

Weight:   15gr aprox 

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*