Beaded Mask - Transform Color

In the Amazon Jungle grows a sacred vine known popularly as “Yagé” or “Soul Vine” it is blended with different plant varieties to create a medicinal brew by the experienced Shamans of the region. It is used and consumed during the healing ceremonies of the Natives & Guardians of the Ancestral knowledge. The consumption of Yagé is believed to allow one to access the “knowing of the world” and “seeing into the future”
The Putumayo region of Colombia located south west of the country, bordering Ecuador and Peru is the homeland to Indigenous groups such as Siona, Inga & Kamënsá, They are skilled in the elaboration of Ceremonial objects that serve as vehicles to establish clearer communication with the spiritual planes of consciousness. Traditionally carved from wood and adorned with colorful “walkas” or beads to represent the “Pintas” or visions that are channeled to the natives during their healing rituals.
The figures incarnate traditional characters such as Shamans, forces of Light & Darkness, carriers of Good and Evil, Cosmology amongst others who’s powers are blended with Jaguar Imagery, Macaw birds, and Feather imprints. All the colors allude to the “Pintas” of Yagé and the objects evoke the forces of Nature. During ceremony the Grandfather conjures the pectorals so that the “Taitas” can speak to the spirits each one invokes.
Each individual piece is unique, its shape, form, patters and colors carry an energetic imprint of the ancestors who have come before us and it is Hand by Craft’s effort to maintain the life of this craft by being the bridge that links the Ancestral Tradition, showcasing and carrying with pride the crafts of our forbearers.




Width: 3.25in / 8cm aprox


Height: 1.5in / 4cm aprox

Length: 5in / 12.7cm aprox


Weight:  70gr aprox; per unit


Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*