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Introducing the Petite Weaved Bowl: Unleash the Vibrant Colors of Colombia's Mineral Richness!

Are you ready to infuse your living space with the captivating allure of Colombia's abundant mineral wealth? Look no further than our exquisite Petite Weaved Bowl, meticulously handcrafted to reflect the spiraling combination of vibrant yellow, cream, and black hues, reminiscent of the majestic gold, coal, and semiprecious minerals found in Colombia's breathtaking landscapes.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this stunning bowl serves as a true work of art. Every thread intricately woven by skilled artisans, showcasing their expertise in creating a masterpiece that embodies the cultural heritage of Colombia's mineral-rich regions. With its unique design and radiant color palette, it effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

The rich yellow strands symbolize the opulence and splendor of Colombia's gold, representing the nation's illustrious history of gold mining and its significance as the land of El Dorado. Meanwhile, the creamy tones evoke the elegance and purity associated with pristine coal formations, paying homage to Colombia's role as a global leader in coal production. Lastly, the subtle yet captivating black hues embody the enchanting allure of semiprecious minerals, showcasing the country's extraordinary geological diversity.

But the Petite Weaved Bowl is more than just a visual delight; it also serves as a versatile piece for your home decor. Whether you use it as a decorative centerpiece on your dining table, a stylish catch-all in your entryway, or an exquisite accent in your living room, it effortlessly enhances any space with its distinctive charm and striking color combination.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this bowl also carries the stories of the artisans who pour their heart and soul into each creation. By bringing home the Petite Weaved Bowl, you not only embrace the essence of Colombia's mineral-rich heritage but also support the livelihoods and traditions of the talented artisans who meticulously craft these treasures.

Every individual piece is unique, varying slightly in shape, patters and colors, carrying the energetic imprint of the ancestors who have come before us and have left this legacy. It is Hand by Craft’s effort to create an open channel to maintain the craft’s life by acting as a portal to link the Ancestral Tradition of the living Latch Tribe through the hands of a pueblo who carry in blood and spirit their legend.



Height: 1.5in / 4cm aprox

Top Width: 4.5in / 10.5cm aprox

Base Width: 2n / 5cm aprox

Weight:  56gr aprox; per unit

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*