Guacamayas - Petite Bowl - Water Wood Clay

Experience Colombia's Heritage: Petite Weaved Bowl
Step into Colombia's rich basketry with our Petite Weaved Bowl. Inspired by the ancient technique of the indigenous Lache people, this exquisite decor accent combines blue, brown, and cream hues, mirroring the water, wooden forests, and clay of Colombia's landscapes.
Crafted with care, this bowl carries the spirit of a centuries-old tradition. The woven Fique and Straw, delicately sorted and colored, create a mesmerizing spiral pattern. Each piece is unique, reflecting the artistry of a few hundred skilled artisans who preserve their ancestral craft.
Embrace the spiritual essence attributed to this technique, as you connect with Colombia's indigenous roots. Recognized as a "product of origin," our Petite Weaved Bowl embodies Boyacá's artisanal treasures and showcases the living legacy of the Lache Tribe.
Invite this timeless symbol of culture and beauty into your home today. Order your Petite Weaved Bowl and experience Colombia's vibrant heritage.

Every individual piece is unique, varying slightly in shape, patters and colors, carrying the energetic imprint of the ancestors who have come before us and have left this legacy. It is Hand by Craft’s effort to create an open channel to maintain the craft’s life by acting as a portal to link the Ancestral Tradition of the living Latch Tribe through the hands of a pueblo who carry in blood and spirit their legend.



Height: 1.5in / 4cm aprox

Top Width: 4.5in / 10.5cm aprox

Base Width: 2n / 5cm aprox

Weight:  56gr aprox; per unit

Hand crafted product. Measurements may vary*